Income-Generating Gifts

We help families break the cycle of poverty by gifting a variety of income-generating animals, fruit trees and vegetable seeds that provide sustainable nutrition and stable income.

Additional gifts also include building wells and providing life-saving medical care and meals.

 Many of the countries Compassion serves suffer crippling cycles of drought that leave children severely malnourished. Your purchase:

  • allows Compassion to teach families improved farming methods and modern agricultural technologies
  • helps families grow sustainable food and commercial crops
The gift of a cow brings sustainable nutrition, farming productivity and cash flow to a child and his or her family.
A gift of chickens for a family in poverty ensures that a child will have a steady source of protein, and plenty of eggs to sell in the market.
A gift of goats means a family can have milk, which they can both consume for nourishment and sell to earn money for other necessities.
When a family receives a gift of pigs, there is very little upkeep or need for a large plot of land. Pigs reproduce quickly and can be sold for a profit.
A gift of a fruit tree for a family in poverty ensures that a child will have a steady source of fruit and product to sell in the market.

Your purchase also helps provide drought-resistant vegetable seeds and agricultural training for families living at extreme risk of famine. This will help prevent food insecurity, while also giving families a source of income.